One of our most popular groups, the con brio! Salon Ensemble specializes in Viennese waltzes, slow waltzes, Latin standards, and a generous collection of music from the swing era as well as melodies from Broadway and the ever-popular movies. Lovers of romantic music can waltz to the sweet strains of Strauss’s “Blue Danube”, tango to “La Cumparsita” or listen to George Gershwin’s tender “Love is Here to Stay”. Let the con brio! salon orchestra set the mood for your next soirée.

con brio! Salon Ensemble performances include ballroom events sponsored by The American-Austrian Society, The Committee for Western Civilization, The Hospitality and Information Service (T.H.I.S.), Manassas Ballet, Summer Opera Theatre Company of Catholic University, The Washington Dance Institute, The Washington International Piano Competition, and private parties where ballroom and salon music is enjoyed.

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Salon Orchestra

To discuss the various combinations, obtain repertoire lists or a price quote, please contact con brio!